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"Laurie made it possible for me to downsize my belongings over several months while my house was on the market. Her pleasant, upbeat personality never wavered. She kept me focused on letting go of what I didn't need and making orderly what I did not. She always told me how well I was doing, which encouraged me to do more. What could have been a very painful process was made so much easier. In the end, I felt relief that what seemed impossible had actually been accomplished in record time. I would recommend her to anyone contemplating downsizing and who needs extra assistance in disposing of the contents to charities or the dump. She really knows her stuff on making order out of chaos!"
Lois M.

"Onward and Upward, is a modest understatement of what Laurie Cornell’s company can do for you. I was in an extraordinarily complex situation. For health reasons I had moved to Pennsylvania. Laurie was in Saratoga Springs, NY. My daughters were in Saratoga part of the time, but the main burden of packing and moving irreplaceable valuables, the furniture, carpets, lamps, bedding, towels, kitchen equipment, and original paintings fell on Laurie’s shoulders. She wrapped, packed, and engaged other reliable packers. She also arranged to have my independent living quarters available to receive the movers on Saturday, the only day on which my son-in-law would be available to help me unpack. In sum, Laurie is a woman for all seasons and all tasks."


"I am pretty organized, but as my business grew, I quickly found myself managing huge amounts of incoming client, industry, and business data and information. I knew I needed help, and Laurie was the perfect solution. We worked together over two days as she partnered with me to create and implement helpful systems and structures – ones that made sense to me. She carefully listened as she gathered and understood my business requirements, priorities and trouble spots, taking time to talk through each area and streamline my processes, physical work area and filing systems. Laurie’s experience, expertise and natural talent in planning, organizing, workflows and project management were invaluable in enabling me to spend more time doing my work with clients than managing it. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs to find more space, time or productivity."

Many thanks to you and your team member, Annie, for your help moving my Mother into assisted living today. You did an awesome job. I was so grateful for all of your thoughtful touches throughout the day, and her new place is completely settled in thanks to your help. Amazing! I couldn't have done it without you. I look forward to your ongoing help with my own home organizing project. The basement looks awesome, I can't wait for the barn to get a face lift as well!
All the best -
Kristen H

Laurie and her team at Onward and Upward were true treasures and needed guidance and support during a difficult and quick move. Leaving our 7 bedroom 3500 square foot house within two weeks was a big job - but a challenge Laurie calmly and professionally stepped up to. My family and I had relocated to New York City and used the house as a second home and never truly moved out of our 9 year home and were not local to oversee the packing, trashing, donating and moving of the house. Laurie took over and made what I felt was an insurmountable job flow with ease. I would highly recommend Laurie and Onward and Upward - she is patient, helpful, kind, professional and sensitive to all a move involves.

Thanks, Laurie! Ellie made an incredible video of the house and the move - I need to share it with you... So special.

All the best -

Laurie is a miracle worker. She brought joy, humor, hard work, knowledge and an admirable resource network to a home situation that looked totally hopeless. Her attitude is a perfect mixture of compassion, encouragement and firm stick to ittivenessness.

My friend, who had been hoarding for 25 years, trusted her from the get go. Her home has been transformed to a level of improvement that is just about beyond belief. The fees have been very reasonable with much bang for the buck. It is clear that much more than money motivates this amazing worker.

I wanted to sell my house but I’m an eighty old woman and I knew I couldn’t to do it alone. When I learned of Onward & Upward I felt my prayers were answered. I wasn’t disappointed, Laurie & her helpers took all the pressure off and made the whole moving and downsizing process easy for me.

I hired Laurie for a second time. She was invaluable to me in downsizing once, and then I had to do more, and arrange to move out of state. Once again I was overwhelmed, and Laurie came to the rescue. With her cheerful outlook and "can-do" attitude, she sorted, packed, advised, and held an estate sale. I did not have the energy to tackle everything, so relied on Laurie. The move would not have been accomplished without her. She has my gratitude forever!

Thanks again for helping us get to Florida. We would not be here without you!

Facing a house my family lived in for 54 years is a daunting task. I had no idea what items people might want to buy at an estate sale, much less how to arrange them attractively and stage them to maximum advantage. Laurie and her assistant Adam proved invaluable at organizing and advising while keeping me informed and participating in the clear out process. I'm sure I'd still be trying to sort out items and get them sold, donated or recycled. Instead, the house is now emptied, the estate has some extra money and many of the items have found new homes with people who want them. Many thanks and appreciation for a job well done and assistance that proved invaluable.
Bill L.

My grandmother was downsizing from the home she lived in for 30 years to an apartment. We didn’t know where to begin with an estate sale and how to properly run one. Then Onward & Upward, run by Laurie Cornell, was recommended to me. Laurie was great from the beginning. She walked through everything with us, explaining in detail, and answering all questions we had. It can be hard to let go of possessions and Laurie helped sort through all of the items with gentleness and sensitivity. She brought a wealth of knowledge, superior organization skills, and a large group of followers to our sale. The day of the sale ran smoothly and efficiently, and she even helped with the follow up after with charities and waste removal. We would highly recommend Laurie and Onward & Upward to anyone. She was easy to work with, and a pleasure to know.
Sarah R.

Thank you so much for the handling of the estate sale. We all have learned what they are like. I know you’re being compensated for your time, but I just wanted you to know you are very much appreciated and feel you were the right choice for our family. You made us all comfortable with the process. Your knowledge and resources brought many people to the sale. The sale was a success because of you. Thanks again for making this a good experience for our family in a difficult time.
Carol & Family

As I faced the prospect of downsizing after years of accumulating household possessions of every sort I was completely overwhelmed. My inclination when just thinking about it was to procrastinate on and on. Then I heard about Onward and Upward. What a team! They are pleasant, considerate, energetic, efficient and very hard workers. Onward and Upward made a big job possible and accomplished the task. They have helped me through the sorting, packing, organizing phases. Most recently they managed my estate sale from beginning to end. I have never seen a sale run as superbly as this one. Our job is not finished as I have yet to sell my home and move and I look forward to continuing working with them. I am extremely grateful to have them helping me and I highly recommend Onward and Upward!
Gayle B.

Joyce & I just wanted to drop a quick note of Thanks & Appreciation to you and your crew, for all your help in making our transition to Maryland as simple and stress free as one could expect. I must admit that once we decided to make our move, the thought of dealing with a home that was full of 30+ years of family activity was daunting at best. The Onward & Upward team put all of our fears to rest and, without a doubt, insured an easy transition from our NY home to our MD home.
You shoould be very proud of the company that you have established !! I know that Joyce and I are pleased that we picked your company for our transition needs.
Bill G.

Thank you for your efforts to make our move as easy for us as possible your help with the packing was invaluable. You made our move as seamless and painless as a move can possibly be. We are grateful for your help and would recommend you without hesitation. We wish you continued success with Onward & Upward, Inc.
Warmest regards
Ed & Rachel P.

The team from Onward and Upward arrived with a "can do!" attitude which encouraged our family to dig in, roll up our sleeves and conquer our lifetime of collecting...everything. The team organized, pruned and edited our bountiful supply of belongings and we are proudly enjoying the restored beauty of our home once more. We can actually see it without all our "stuff" blocking the view. My husband has reclaimed his lost workshop and I have established a great workspace from which to run headquarters. Liberating our barns from their share of "collections" has given us the courage to start planning for our daughter's wedding here on our farm. The now empty and clean barns will serve a new roll and find new purposes at this old place. They are integral components in our daughter's celebration and will stand ready for future generations enjoyment.
We owe this transformation to Onward & Upward and their wonderful team. Their encouraging, energetic and positive attitudes sustained us when we felt like giving up and helped to power us through to our paradise...found.
Thanks to the team you will be looking Onward and Upward too.
Beth E.

After 51 years of marriage and 15 moves this last one was to be the dreaded "straw that broke the camel's back!" We bought a home in Florida and had to unburden ourselves from almost all our possessions in New York. Onward & Upward to the rescue. Yes, just like the cavalry in the old West, Onward & Upward came to our aid. At the first meeting they allayed our fears regarding organization, moving, "estate" sale, tax implications of any donations we chose to make and most of all for our 70 year plus bodies' limited physical capacity. My wife was very skeptical before that meeting but the team changed all that. They were knowledgeable, compassionate, supportive and fun to work with. Who knew? The sale day came and was a total success. We have recommended Onward & Upward to many of our friends who are similarly situated. We couldn't be happier.
Perry B., Ed D.

With my mother moving out of state and my living out of state, I was faced with the huge task of packing the things my mother wanted to take with her, getting rid of all that remained and putting the house up for sale. I needed help and called Onward and Upward. The team was extremely professional and caring in helping my mother and me decide what was important and memorable and what was not. After signing up, Laurie told me I could go home as she would take care of all that remained. And take care of it she did. A sale was held, the home was cleared and a real estate agent was engaged. She kept me informed through the various stages and even saved a picture of my grandfather we missed taking. The Onward & Upward team are wizards at helping seniors and their families with moving and I highly recommend them.
Sam B.

Dear Laurie,
I just wanted to thank you both for all the work you did to transform my parents' house from a dwelling in dire need of attention to an inviting home ready to be put on the market. Your ideas and decorating ability were great and the fact that you accomplished it all in a week is amazing. You were very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend you to others.
Thanks again for everything,
Melvin P.

My mom was faced with the overwhelming task of preparing her house for sale and down-sizing from a 4 bedroom house with a full attic and basement to a small 2 bedroom senior apartment. Our attempts to help would quickly get side tracked by memories and stories associated with every item we asked about. Additionally, with our own families and professional commitments, the time needed wasn't there. She heard about Onward & Upward and brought them in to help. They were amazing. They would listen to her stories and were compassionate, but firm in keeping her on task. My mom's house was quickly prepared for sale and every item she wanted to keep had a home on the apartment floor plan. I would recommend the Onward & Upward team to anyone in a similar situation.

Mark T.
(see before and after project images)

I don't know what I would have done without Onward & Upward's help when I needed to clean out my parents' house, which had been in our family for generations. Onward & Upward found and supervised the best contractors for each task, and worked alongside me to sift through family possessions. Their compassion, good humor and incredible organizing skills made a difficult task so much easier!

Dianne K.
(see before and after project images)

Laurie Cornell, owner of Onward and Upward, a senior move management company, recently was a featured speaker at a seminar here at Coburg Village. We are in the midst of a very large expansion and have been offering programs to our “future residents” to help them make the move from their large home where they have accumulated a lifetime of possessions to their new apartment at our independent living retirement community. This type of move is sometimes difficult, both physically and emotionally, for many older adults. Laurie’s presentation certainly helped our “future residents” with her excellent tips and advice to get them started in the right direction. Laurie really likes working with older adults, having spent time working with them in the past, and she is also sensitive to what is important to them at this point in their life. Overall, Laurie’s presentation was informative, and she delivers her message in a fun and engaging manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to someone who wants to simplify their life and make their next move much easier.

Kathy Kelenski
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist
Coburg Villiage

I was overwhelmed at the thought of going through my huge, overstuffed basement, prior to a move. I had years of accumulation for two households down there, and desperately needed help downsizing. Fortunately I found Onward & Upward. The team was great! They were cheerful and optimistic that we could and would get the job done, and they were right. They sorted, labeled, organized and made helpful suggestions, although I made all the decisions. They kept records of donations for tax deducations. After every session they cleaned up the work area and even brought up the trash and recyclables, and took away the clothing for donation.

Laurie networked for sale of a large record collection. The basement is now done except for my sorting through boxes of personal papers. We have now started the 1st floor. Personally I feel much happier. The accumulation of "stuff" really weighed me down.

Onward & Upward;can arrange the actual move, and network with their national association members to help unpack and set up my future home. They offer many other services that I might still use, such as people to make house repairs, paint, etc.

I could not possibly have done all this work on my own. My friends and even my real estate agent are very impressed with what was accomplished. I am so grateful to Onward & Upward!

Glenis R.

When I had three weeks to clean out a four bedroom house and move my parents into a senior apartment, I knew we couldn't get the work done by ourselves. I searched on line for a local Senior Move Consultant and came upon Laurie at Onward & Upward. They were wonderful to work with. They came and met with my parents and I, treated my parents with great respect, and were frank in their responses regarding what would likely sell. When they weren't sure of the value for some items, they referred us to excellent professionals to guide those answers. The most important thing to me was that they worked as a team and did it all. I had interviewed other companies and they acted as subcontractors. That wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to work with the same team from start to finish. As promised, three weeks later, my parents were in their new apartment and the house was ready for the final walk through.

Kate C.

Thank you so much for all your prompt and energetic assistance with the recent estate clean out you handled for one of our clients. The out of state client was very happy with the services you provided and how quickly and efficiently everything was handled. It was a real pleasure working with you and I’ll be recommending your services in the future!

Sharie T. Walerstein
Snyder, Kiley, Toohey, Corbett & Cox, LLP

When my father passed away the management of his estate presented a significant problem for my sister and me as we lived a considerable distance from his home. I called ONWARD&UPWARD and turned the details of managing the estate sale and final preparation of the home for sale over to Laurie Cornell. This proved to be a very wise decision. All aspects of the process were handled professionally and with sensitivity. Laurie is a very energetic person who stayed on top of the project and arranged for competent people to carry out all the required steps. This ultimately resulted in an excellent job finished two days prior to the anticipated completion date. I am pleased to recommend Laurie Cornell and ONWARD&UPWARD without reservation.

JG, Leesburg, FL

If I heard a booming voice from above that told me to build an ark, I would want Laurie in charge of the project.
David Guidos

David Guidos,
Chief Technology Officer,
School-Link Technologies

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